February 9, 2016

Interim Update: February 2016

Highway 87 and Highway 124 Update

First of all, let me begin by saying thank you to everyone who has contacted me and my office regarding the flooding concerns along State Highway (SH) 87 on Bolivar Peninsula and Highway 124. I truly appreciate you sharing this matter with me and for expressing your thoughts. As someone who travels these roadways often, I understand the issue and believe immediate action is needed. It is important that we solve this problem so we can resume business as usual without putting lives in jeopardy.

So you are aware, I have been working in conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), State Senator Brandon Creighton, Galveston County Commissioner Ryan Dennard and Chambers County Commissioner Mark Huddleston to discuss both temporary and long term needs along SH 87 and SH 124. Creating a long term solution to protect the safety of our citizens is an issue of paramount importance.

The Texas Department of Transportation-Houston District-has recently initiated a consultant to perform a hydrology study to determine what elevation factors and flooding scenarios should be accounted for and at what capacity the roadway needs to be raised to and also what measures need to be done given the Right of Way situation in the area.  

Some possible solutions to address the more immediate-term and long-term needs include:

  1. Potentially add additional barriers between the water and the road to prevent further and future erosion.
  2. Raise the road bed
  3. Relocate the road to the North
  4. A combination of 1, 2 and/or 3

Once the study is complete TxDOT will begin working with the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) and determine how to move forward.

We will continue to be in communication with TxDOT, and I will continue to advocate that a permanent solution to be completed as quickly as possible.

Thank you again for all of your input. I want you to know that we are listening and I am working to help find a safe and expedient solution.


Wayne Faircloth


Texas Constitution UPDATED

In 2015, the 84th Texas Legislature passed seven joint resolutions proposing amendments to the state constitution, and these proposed amendments were voted and approved by the voters on November 3, 2015.  To obtain an updated copy of our Texas Constitution, please click on the link below:



West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce Superhero's Banquet



Photo Credit: Nicki Evans Photography

Had a wonderful time at the West Chambers County Chamber of Commerce Celebrating the local Superhero's of our community.