Representative Faircloth is guided by his faith and love for his family.  He continually supports his community dearly and advocates for the issues that impact his constituents the most. To learn more about his stance on particular subject matters, please see below:

Fiscal Discipline

Wayne Faircloth believes its prudent to keep the state on a fiscally sound course by controlling spending, reducing taxes, and maintaining a reserve of funds for in time of need. He is dedicated in ensuring that the State live within its means and will only support a budget which is fiscally balanced. Rep. Faircloth is proud that Texas continues to have one of the leanest and most efficient budgets of any state in the country and will continue to work hard to prioritize the financial needs of House District 23.

Economic Growth

Texas has built one of the strongest private sector economies in the world. Job growth in Texas has far outpaced the rest of the country in recent years. Wayne Faircloth supports the elimination of the Margins Tax and believes strongly in maintaining our state's infrastructure to support job creation. Rep. Faircloth is also a strong advocate that a coastal storm surge protection plan be built to help further protect our existing economy and the livelihoods of those who live along the coast.


As a former educator, Wayne Faircloth believes that providing a quality education is the state's most important responsibility. He supports a high quality pre-k program and local control for school districts.  He will vote to reduce or eliminate many of the unfunded mandates that currently burden public schools. In addition, Rep. Faircloth has worked to strengthen our higher education system and continues to think outside the box to help reduce tuition rates and costs to higher education. More recently, Rep. Faircloth fought to preserve a hardship grant for school district who find themselves in a financial hardship due to the expiration of Additional State Aid for Tax Relief (ASATR).  He also was successful to provide a mechanism of funding for failing school districts who are annexed by another school district for facility repairs.

Border Security

Since the beginning of Wayne Faircloth's first term in the Legislature he supported a historic and unprecedented investment in securing the Texas-Mexico border. Rep. Faircloth believes that securing the border is a top priorities. Going forward, Rep. Faircloth believes Texas must continue putting pressure on the federal government to live up to it's responsibilities on our border and continue to provide our law enforcement with more boots on the ground and the best technology and other resources they need to do their jobs.

Freedom of Rights

Wayne Faircloth is strongly pro-life and supports our right of the 2nd Amendment to keep and bear arms. He will continue to defend the 10th Amendment and Texas’ right to safe guard our private property rights.